“Play” button blocks critical part of picture

I have one of your wired 2K video doorbells. When I go to the Events tab in the iOS app the round “Play” button for each event sits squarely over the top of the person who has been captured in the snapshot that’s used as the key frame for the clip. So I have to play each and every clip to actually see who the person was who was recorded. I cannot reposition the camera, and I know it’s probably bad luck that the area of interest in my camera view happens to be smack in the middle of the image and that most of my events captured are far away enough from the camera that the person takes up only the center of the image, but is there some way to prevent the Eufy app from overlaying the “Play” button on the clip snapshot? It’s hugely annoying to have to play every single clip just to see who was in the image. An option to suppress the Play button overlay would be really nice.

For every “event” listed on my phone … there is enough blank space for 10 play buttons.