Pink video on new camera

One of my cameras I installed yesterday is showing pink video. I’m not at home so I’ve only only been able to try restarting the camera remotely.

100% solid pink.

It is Faulty. Usually related to UV.

Gender reveal!

My battery doorbell just started that this morning, still records. But everything looks pink. Haven’t heard back from support yet.

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Mine is doing the same…my 2k indoor non P&T; started yesterday. I opened a ticket with support , nothing from them yet.

Did you ever get a response from support?

Update on my Eufy indoor cam with pink screen…I heard from Eufy Support within 24 hours and as I thought, it’s the “Infrared cut” says tech support. I think that’s the filter that you hear clicking when it changes from night to day mode. It’s a defect in the camera and I have to box up my 2 month old camera and send it back to Eufy in Washington State then they will send me a replacement. Eufy also sent a postage paid return label.
Hopefully the replacement camera will not develop the same problem. Thanks to Eufy Support.

I just bought this camera and installed yesterday. Video was fine yesterday but pink today. This issue existed a year ago and still exists?! I’m returning it. It should have been figured out and fixed by now.

@tcu14 I believe it’s the IR (inferred) lights. I have a truckload of Eufy cameras, and this only happened once to me. Just do an exchange.