PIN Code for Monitoring Service Can't Be Saved

I should have known not to sign up for anything new, but I decided to give the monitoring service a try. It’s supposedly in practice mode, but when I tried the panic button, someone actually texted me from the monitoring center. And now I can’t cancel the stupid alarm because the PIN number used to do it won’t save in the app. I’ve set it ten times in the iOS app and on the website, but it’s still not saving. And now I’m paranoid that the police will actually show up. Ugh.

Seriously… I can’t get rid of this stupid alarm. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Has anyone successfully turned one of these off??

Did you resolve this issue?

I have the exact same problem. I signed up this morning, tried the panic button, someone texted me from the monitoring center. The alarm cannot be canceled because the PIN number I saved in the app is not recognized. I’m now paranoid that the police will show up (hasn’t happened yet).

After hitting the panic button in the app in practice mode, I received the following call from Eufy…

“This is a test alarm from your eufy Security app. Normally, a live Noonlight agent would call you now to check on things. If you confirmed help was needed or were unable to respond, we’d dispatch emergency services to your property. Since you’re in practice mode, we’re placing an automated call to you now…”

Then I received another call stating,
“You are not in practice mode. We did send help to your property. If you were to confirm there was an emergency or were unable to answer. Have a great rest of your day.”

Now what?