Permanently lit the ring around the push button

Is it possible to have the blue ring around the push button permanently lit?
reason: In the dark the camera is pressed by some people


I don’t believe so. I don’t see the need for it though considering it becomes lit when it detects movement?

Go in settings and make sure you have motion detection turned on.

This was disabled a while back in purpose.
I had the light on when motion was detected for a while, but that looked a bit off as it would turn on after detecting humans. In my case, they’d already have pressed the doorbell or I had already opened.

Due to the delay, the button has already been pressed before the button lights up.
I have now put a white sticker on it. Then it is visible in the dark.

There is an option for the led lit in the dark.

then the red leds around the camera lens light up. not the blue ring around the push button.

No, that’s night vision, it illuminates the IR leds.

Yes indeed. I was wrong there. But that blue ring around the bell push button doesn’t burn all the time, right? I have tried all the settings.

it would be nice if there was a choice option to have the blue ring lit when the bell is connected to electricity instead of the battery


I agree, its confusing in the dark. They cant see where to push the button, and the IR-led turns at first so you think you have to push here and after a while the blue ring led turns on. It would be better if ita turned on the whole time.


+1 this feature.

Also annoying it does not lit when you’ve disabled recording.