Permanent power for cam2

Can you xet up a permanent power to a eufy cam2?
Cuz i want to use it on a spot wich is hard to access

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I watched someone set up a constant supply line to their outdoor light on youtube. Search it up on there, was very in depth and helpful. They did disclaim and say it may void out the manufacturer warranty. But i also know there are solar panels you can set up as well. Best of luck!

All you need is a 2 amp / 5 volt adapter and a cord with a USB to MicroUsb connector that will fit the charge port in back of the camera. You will have to mount the adapter to keep it protected from the elements and use something like silicone tape to shield the MicroUsb port on the back of the camera from moisture.

Amazon has some usb charging adapter kits for other security cams that will work for Eufy cams. Make sure that you don’t get the cable with the right angle MicroUsb end if you are using the stock Eufy mounting. The right angle connector interferes with the mount if you have any downward angle to the camera.

Are there any downsides to doing this?

I am not aware of any negative consequences from powering these cameras full time. It depends alot on the charge controller in the camera. I have my battery doorbell powered continuously. I have opened the circuit several times to ensure that my transformer has enough power to keep the doorbell topped off. It usually indicates between 85 - 95%.

I have several cameras that I would like to power continuously, but I need to pull some wire and mount a couple of outlets in order to get that done. I have 2 cameras in back of the house that I will be running cat 5 wire to and using a POE injector and adapter to feed them 5 volt power.

I am not sure there is any data on whether the camera batteries will last longer when they are topped up all the time. I do know they will eventually get weaker as the number of charge cycles gets higher. I have only had these battery cams for a couple of months so I guess time will tell.

If anyone else has experience with powering battery cams continuously long term, feel free to add your experience.