Periodic NAS Backup from Homebase

I understand that Eufy designed these systems NOT with power users in mind (Hence, why there’s only a 2.5" hard drive slot and not a 3.5"), but it’d be nice to have a way to schedule regular backups for users who don’t want to be up a creek without a paddle if their drive burns out after a few years of continuous recording.

Right now if users want to use a NAS they have to resort to RTSP, cutting their video resolution in half, and limiting themselves to 2 free cameras according to Eufy’s documentation. Why not bring a similar level of functionality to the HomeBase3, first party? Let users Add all their camera streams, add the expansion drive of their choice, and then allow them to schedule weekly or monthly backups through USB, or preferably over Ethernet to a NAS device.

This will give users the peace of mind knowing that they have some redundancy of storage and they don’t have to entirely rely on a single, flimsy 2.5" hard disk.