Patrol Mode for Pan and Tilt Cameras

How about a patrol mode for the cameras that pan and tilt?

Something that looks around, possibly randomized to prevent nefarious individuals from predicting the camera movement.


I’d really like to see a patrol function. One where you can specify places to cycle between for the PTZ, say two doors that enter a room and get it to cycle back and forward between the two


Bump. This would fix my biggest gripe with it. It simply doesnt cover the whole room so it misses some events. Havjng it pan for a set a mount of degrees periodically would fix this issue. A patrol mode seems like a feature that seems just right for a camera that can look around on its own.

I’m so surprised to learn this feature doesn’t already exist for the eufy pan+tilt. The biggest competitors already have it. Wyze pan+tilt has waypoints seen here, and Switchbot pan+tilt also has waypoints seen here which even integrate with their motion sensors to direct the camera towards wherever motion is detected. It seems like a must-have feature for a pan+tilt cam.

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Wow yeah that is exactly what this camera needs. The waypoints thing may be a bit advanced but honestly I mean this camera can already follow people around so it cant be that hard to write bit of code to pan just a little when no one is around until it finds a target to capture.

Heck im almost considering buying an arduino and some servos to make a moving platform to make this feature a thing.