Panic button! Police alert

This button works off of wifi or even a cell app button that sets off all cameras and alarms… perhaps a police alarm as well. Panic buttons that can be placed through out the house, also a necklace.(fallen and can’t get up, thing!)


I agree. There is no panic button now. A security system is pointless of u cannot alert family members on a treat

That’s a must have feature

This function has been planned in next few years.

There is no panic button to set off the whole system but you can set alarm on individual camera or homebase at this time.

There is a panic button built in to the keypad. Its the red button on top of the keypad. If you press it for 3 seconds, the homebase alarms and all the associated admin accounts will get an email informing them of the date and time the panic alarm was activated. I think that’s all it does now. It’s plenty loud inside my house.

I don’t see any settings to control it, but it shouldn’t be too much effort to add some code to select which individual devices would repeat the alarm when activated. If you selected a couple of outside camera alarms to activate when the panic button was triggered it would get more attention. Or, they could add the panic button as a trigger device for automations and then select what devices do what when it activates.

Note that the keypad is battery powered and there is nothing that says you can’t move it around rather than mount it on the wall. So while its not as portable as a pendant or a button it can be used in different areas without too much trouble.


That’s good info. Thanks for sharing @pysailr !

That’s good to know

next few years??? i haven’t coded in forever but something like this should not be that hard for you guys to even code into the app or to integrate with something like the new flic buttons.when i open the app just add a button for panic along with the devices, events, security and explore option and color it red


Is this any closer to reality? Would be great to have a panic button on the app to set the alarm off given the threat could be downstairs where my keypad is located!!