Pan & Tilt Cameras keep dropping connections

I have several Eufy products, and all of them work great with the exception of pan & tilt cameras. I have a home base with the 2C cams and a door bell, 2 indoor cams and 2 pan/tilt. I’ve moved the pan/tilt around, they are still very unreliable. Any known fixes for this?

Try changing your wifi channel. There are a lot of pretty sketchy routers and IOT devices out there that spew harmonics into adjacent channels. If one is close to you it can cause your wifi devices to have to retransmit the video streams and even drop connections. In the US channels 1 and 11 are best because they don’t have adjacent channels, but if those are used in your area, pick one that has the least other traffic. There are lots of apps for Android or IOS that will give you a picture of your local wifi signals.