Pan and tilt indoor camera auto night vision’s turning on and off repeateldy

Ho there! I ordered 2 pan and tilt and 2 2c cams.
One pan and tilt keeps turing on and off the nigh vision at night, and as it is in the baby room, it is quite anoying as the baby wakes up due to the clicking sound. Strangely it does only after we switch on a light (night time diapers changin eg) and switch it off again. When it is normal light chnaging (sun goes down) it works fine. Is it a fault, or I made some settings wrong?

Is the camera being powered from the same electrical circuit as the light? If the light is a CFL or LED type, they can dump some noise into the electrical circuit when they are switched on and off. The camera might be picking up that noise and reacting by switching night vision. I had a similar situation and just moved my camera to a different circuit. I’ve also seen an arcing light socket cause issues like this.

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My pan on/off 3 times and then stable after starting auto-ir.

Wait…… you switch on a light and your camera switches to daytime mode with a “click”? Seriously??? This is strange to you??? Oh boy

Last niht, my Pan tikt clicking continuously.

I think Eufy app does not offer a permanent “on” option is the problem.

due to lighting and ir reflection. tge treshokd just cayse the cam to click. trying to turn on and off.

Eufy. shoukd fix.