Pan and Tilt 2k Camera over mobile network

Can the 2k Pan and tilt be used over a mobile network (ie is there live view and notifications)?

Yes it can. I had some issues with playing footage over data but a retry works fine.

How do you set it up for the mobile network? I find nothing in the settings in the security app.

There’s no need. It just works. If it doesn’t for you, check your home Internet settings and see if the drive device is allowed to connect to the Internet.

I think I may be misunderstanding something here. Home internet is not a problem. My question is away from home using the mobile network. How then do I connect to the live stream feed? thanks John

Playing the live feed works the same as when you’re at home.
When over the mobile network, you still connect to your home network as that’s where your camera is located.

That’s the difference. If you’re at home, you’re using your local network and usually that’s free roaming from and to any device on that same network.

However, when you’re connecting externally to your home network over the mobile network, your router may block that incoming request to view live feed/recordings.

You say it works fine on home network, but not over mobile network. That probably means the router for your home network is blocking traffic. Does this clear things up a bit?

Your patience with this tech deficient is appreciated. I’ll find some way to explore that. Thanks.