Pair of S330 cameras vastly different battery consumption in identical locations

I’ve got an S330 Home Base and a pair of 4K cameras.

I use one camera in the front yard and the other in the back. Immediately after purchase I noticed one camera easily kept itself charged with the available solar energy but the other one goes flat every 20 days and needs to come inside for a recharge. Both camera have identical settings about sensitivity, video resolution… everything.
I performed an experiment. I swapped the camera’s physical locations to eliminate issues like the amount of sunlight, the amount of movement detected, the distance to the Wifi router. Front Yard became Back Yard and vice versa.
The battery issues followed the camera.
By a process of elimination, I have concluded that one of my two S330 cameras simply doesn’t hold as much charge, or the solar charging isn’t as efficient, or is consuming more power than the other.
I’ve been as rigorous as possible to eliminate all other variables.
It’s not like the camera is broken. It just goes flat every two to three weeks while the other one seems happy with the sunlight it gets.
Have you had this problem? Is it justification for a warranty swap?

Attached: screenshots from the two cameras battery screen

Smart thinking on swapping the cameras locations.
Looking at the screenshots the camera that gets less sunlight / solar power charging, that battery maintains a good charge capacity versus the other which has “more” solar power charging depletes it’s battery charge quickly.

If I’m looking at that correctly I would say that the camera whose battery doesn’t last as long goes flat has an issue with the charging circuitry or batteries are defective.

I would start a return warranty via the app.

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I forgot to say, eufy support may ask you to do some troubleshooting, but I believe you’ve done that already.
You could try to restart the camera, Maybe it will kick it in the butt to start charging properly?

This is the procedure I found on eufy’s help website.

Press the SYNC button on the camera five times within three seconds until you hear two beeps to restart the camera.

You can also try to factory reset the camera by pressing the SYNC button for 10 seconds.

You’ll need to repair / sync the camera back to the HB3 again after the process.