Overheating door bell what to do?

Just got the eufy battery door bell and just like most have said in direct sunlight it does not do well it will overheat recommend to the engineer of the software or hardware to insulate it better to handle direct sunlight well above 100f .

other then mounting the doorbell in a better location, or blocking the sun from hitting the unit i would suggest replacing your unit with the white one although it’s really just a black and white unit. you could also create a white skin for the unit to reflect rather then absorb the suns heat.

It also pops a notice that the battery won’t last long if I continuously stream even if I have the wired version. Please fix Eufy!

The doorbell and most all Eufy hardware is rated to 122 deg F (50 deg.C). You will get a popup message to avoid charging the device when temps get close to the limit, but they should continue to operate until the limit is reached If your doorbell is shutting down, it is probably exceeding the 122F temp and all you can do is provide it some shade.