OutDoor cam pro C24

So I’ve had the outdoor cam pro C24 for just over a week. Mixed opinions on this, firstly the pros.

Pic quality on 2k both day and night is very good, nice compact form factor. The spotlight is very good to illuminate a small area at night. The motion detection when set to All Motions is extremely sensitive.

Now the bad!!! If I set to Human Detection only it simply does not detect humans, a weird one this morning was that I tried out the beta of pet detection aswell.

My wife walked right in front of the camera, no motion detected but the camera detected a dog for a spit second over 10 metres away??

Extremely frustrating.

If it’s anything like the battery cams, it requires a particular part of the human body to be visible in view.
I get the same with the doorbell, if I pass close in front of it, it won’t detect me as a human.

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Having lot problems lately with mine. issue with connecting and detection. Even when it detected human it does not record. Even after an update it has not fixed the issue.

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Well folks. This would be the first for me. Mine works!!!

I use all motion … and that’s a total nightmare. I need like 6 levels below the current minimum sensitivity. Human only… perfect.

Edit: I’m gonna add it also grabs humans in passing vehicles like the mail girl in her truck… grabs me as human on my motorcycle passing by. Even just my head as I walk underneath it.

I can give you a long list of troubles from the c24… human detection … no.

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As this is a sort of review… I will also say this IS the best camera in the current Eufy lineup. It is also severely flawed. I wish I could help them dial this thing in. It’s so close to being great. I even recommended it to a few people. ( I never do that for Eufy crap )

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