Our cams and app are displaying someone else’s house!

Our app is suddenly showing someone else’s footage and house since we charged our batteries. It appears to be showing a QLD style in summer weather house and we are in Melbourne in winter. Very scary! Pls help!


Same happening everywhere, we are in QLD but showing & have control of 3 Cameras in America, ifu have cameras inside, put em in garage etc, Eufy globally has been comproomised

Same issue here, in Aus, see cameras in unit block in USA

Same here. what a breach of security.

I have been connected to someone else’s account and I can see their doorbell camera and all their previous video recordings. This is a disturbing failure in security. I am concerned who can see my footage as well. You need to immediately assess the impact and let me know what has happened and exactly what personal information has been stolen.

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Same here… could see someone’s pool. Had to re login to get our feed back… very disturbing

Same thing just happened to me. I unplug indoor cameras for now. I had to log off then back in to get my cameras back.

Me too about a hour ago I logged out and back in went to normal but than camera and home base disappeared says I have no device now

Same thing happened here, y’all should consider changing your password, log off and then log back in. Eufy team you need to look into this and let us know what happened? I was able to see someone else’s door bell and Master Bedroom, it’s not okay!

Hey same for us could see a house in the US left hand drive cars. Deleted App and signed back in all good. I am honest and did not want to see their cams. If not a good person who knows what they can do and if they would stay to watch. EUFY needs to get on this now!!!

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Can anyone in this thread confirm whether or not you’re using EUFY’S CLOUD STORAGE option versus LOCAL only storage, i.e., microSD card or NAS solution???

Is anyone configured to use RTSP streaming?

I’m trying to get to the bottom of just how in the name of all that is NOT HORRIFYINGLY INSECURE this outrageous breach of security and violation of trust in Eufy has occurred–and more importantly how it is apparently occurring CURRENTLY and WITH SIGNIFICANT MULTIPLICITY ACROSS NUMEROUS CONTINENTS!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

And if my hunch is correct, EVERYONE USING EUFY’S CLOUD FOR STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL OF THEIR VIDEO STREAMS should disconnect immediately and use only LOCAL STORAGE until further notice.


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What I saw was two online camera and 1 offline camera. I don’t have live control to them but I can see all the alerts from them in the last 20 hours or so.

The recording of their indoor master bedroom cam has a Cloud logo on the recording. The Door Bell cam recording does not have a cloud logo.

I logout, changed my password immediately, and do not have access to that anymore for other’s privacy sake.

We are using local only for storage. We will shut down home base now this should kick anyone in it out and then reset passwords. I am thinking Eufy are in a world of hurt on this one.

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Same here. Lost all cameras suddenly. I could log off and log in, but everything empty like if I have no cameras on my account. Home base gone, four eufy 2k gone, plus a eufy 360 gone.

I have the same problem also. I unplugged the device’s, logged out, reset my password and cleared about 13 gigs and 8,000 video clips from my local storage. I doubt that’ll totally fix a security screwup this big though.

Same here, I’m in Aus but could see and had full control of 2 cameras in USA, could pan and tilt, set off alarms, speak through microphone, record and screenshot.

It is strange, everyone seems to have had access to different people’s cameras.

Same happened here in aus

We received an email from a stranger with screenshots of our security system on their phone! We had no idea other people could see our cameras. Very scary and needs to be explained ASAP.
There was no indication to us that other phones had accessed our security. They had contacted me by using my personal details on the app.

Same happened here.

It’ll be hard for Anker/Eufy to come back from this. The longer they stay silent, the worse it looks.

Consumer trust just hit rock bottom, which is a severe issue for a security company. Not to mention the coming class actions. Not to be alarmist, but bankruptcies have occurred following similar failures.

Time will tell