Option to open live feed from video doorbell om device

Hi! I know many people want integration with Google, Apple and Amazon and for live feed to automatically open on those devices home assistants.

I dont care much for those. For my Eufy Doorbell I want to use an old Tablet and install the Eufy Security app. On that tablet I want an option for the doorbell and possibly other cameras to automatically show the live feed instead of having to double tap the notifier that pops up when motion or a doorbell push is sensed.

This would most likely be a small effort to fix but give much customer value.

Best option would be if this could work with a screenlock activated on the tablet.

Thank you!


Indeed this would be nice.

I also posted a wishlist thread under " App notification like phone call or whatsapp behaviour" with same question

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I would love to see this feature as well. From my perspective it would be actually needed to fully cover the use case “who is at the user’s front door right now?”.

What we got at the moment with eufy products is the use case covered “who was at the user’s front door”.

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