Option to mute camera sound / audio by default?

My only real frustration with the eufy app (on Android but assuming it’s the same on either) is that sound plays by default when I open a camera stream.

I’d really like to be able to have an option to mute by default. I am just trying to check on what’s going on in my kittens room or out front of my house, not listen in.

At the very least, remembering my last option/state would be good.


100% necessary - I want to be able to check my cameras while at work without the recording audio blasting every time I open a camera feed. Please Eufy !


If you tap the audio button when viewing the live view, it will remain muted if you watch again later.

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That isn’t accurate. I’ve been trying that for over a year. The mute state does not persist.


It depends on the camera. The doorbell has a silent mode. The floodlight and Cam 2 do not. When I click the audio button on the doorbell it comes up and says silent mode which stays on when I go out of the feed. When I do the same action with the other cameras it the sound always plays after I come back into the feed.

Yes, 100% agree and it should be the default also, sound should be opt in in the video feed.


That is unfortunately not true - at least for the Android version of the software. It would be perfect if it did.

I totally agree!

I have a few EufyCams (2K indoor) and WyzeCams (v2 and v3) - I am unable to prevent the Eufy app from hijacking the audio every time I want to just view the camera (also checking on my kitten). It kills whatever current audio stream I have.

The WyzeCam/App does not do this. Please Eufy, fix this so that the settings stick. Even disabling the microphone in the settings (not just muting on the screen) of the camera doesn’t work. This is the main reason that I won’t be getting any more EufyCams until this is fixed.

Agree with this!!

I am a new customer, just purchased two Solo IndoorCam C24 and wasn’t able to figure out how to mute sound by default.

I spoke to chat support to clarify whether this was possible, unfortunately they had a hard time understanding my question - the best suggestion is “adjust the volume of the phone”. I see this as a workaround for a missing feature, if you forget to do this the act of checking your camera is still disruptive.

I am surprised this behavior isn’t important to more people… I like to use my devices discreetly, I don’t want it blasting audio when I connect to the camera and forget to turn down the volume first. I’ve now looked at a few other camera brands - Wyze, Blink, Nest, Arlo, Petcube… interestingly some have this feature and some don’t. The ones that don’t ALL have similar threads to this one. So it seems like adding this simple feature could be beneficial to Eufy from a competitive perspective.

Personally, I am going to consider returning the cams and look at a different brand that does this correctly. If you’re sticking with Eufy, I see two workarounds:

  1. Remember to turn down the volume of your device before connecting to any camera.
  2. Completely disable the microphone in the camera settings (YMMV).

With respect to #2 - a previous commenter mentioned that disabling the microphone didn’t work for them. In my case (2K Indoor C24) if I disable the microphone, ALL sound features are gone - including this problem. But now you have no audio in your recordings and no ability to “unmute”. Perhaps this will be acceptable for some, but not for me.

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bumping this topic. its very annoying not having mute by default.


On Android running the latest at this time app version 4.7.6 it appears that it depends on the camera model as some do remain muted after you exit and go back into the live view and some dont.

It’s simple to do just go to each camera audio setting and turn off microphone and speaker.

Just adding to this, disappointed there is no way to keep my cameras muted by default. I don’t want to disable the sound entirely, just want it muted by default like it works on many other systems I have used (Wyze/Ring). It does not save state when you mute and I cannot find any setting to have it muted by default.

For reference I am using two indoor cams: C120 and E220

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