Opt in/out on automatic remote firmware upgrades and clear communication about them

I almost had a seizure when I realized that you cannot opt in/out of the pushed out automatic firmware upgrades. When the last upgrade was pushed out and installed my homebase3 lost network connectivity and the light at the front was red. the upgrades aren’t even notified about so the user is pretty much clueless about them.

That the user can’t opt in/out for these upgrades is really bad. What if there’s a man in the middle attack where all firmware upgrades globally are compromised? Not that far fetch… And what if this would’ve been pushed out when we’re on vacation? Then the whole setup would’ve been offline until manually rebooted on-site.

I’d like a toggle that’s: “Automatically install firmware upgrades”.

If disabled the application should notify me that there’s an upgrade available (it should always do that…). There should be FULL and detailed release notes attached to it in the app. I should have an option to “install now” and an option to “schedule install”. Best practice for fw upgrades on security systems is always an assisted mode and to baby sit them so that the user can verify that it goes well and that the system comes back online.


Eufy changed to Force firmware updates abiut 18 months ago.
Eufy had been warned about massive fail with one single mistake.

You need to contact eufy to get the old firmware or get a replacement units.