Operations failed message using smart lock with wifi

I keep getting a message when trying to operate the smart lock from my cell phone. My phone shows that I’m connected to the wifi and the smart lock is online and active, but I still continue to get the error message that operations failed try again later. I’ve had to remove the device atleast twice now and had to reset for it to be operational. What good use is that if I’m stuck outside my house waiting for the damn door to open.

Anyone had similar issues and what did you do to fix it?

Yep, I have both offline and online issues:

1st, often go offline on its own and it couldn’t reconnect itself. I have to use bluetooth n the location to reconnect to wifi

2nd, and sometime it is indicating the lock is connected (it said Locked in the app) but this is misleading since it doesn’t response to any command that i sent out and even gave me error messages

If you can get a full refund then do it since i couldn’t