Opensource Development

Eufy brand will benefit from accelerated sales because of a product that is superior from any competitor.

Users will finally get the features they want without having to wait so long for Eufy development team which is so busy on marketing and next to nothing on developement.

Security will be true and real with data only being sent to trusted sources.


And we can finally keep our app locally not rely on their cloud server’s. When they used “you won’t need cloud with this device” as their main advantage over the competition but didn’t tell us that we can’t access our devices without cloud which is false advertising.

Twice now their servers have gone down and we couldn’t access our camera’s. This is a major security issue. Local should mean all local and just like other cameras we should be able to connect our app to the doorbell cameras wifi hotspot for local access.


I’m actually considering returning my item as there’s way too many limitations and security issues with this product.