One update... immediate fails

Tired of forced updates.

Everything was working fine … thanks for trashing my indoor cams! Nice job.

Got home and rebooted both. Both still dead. They worked so well for so long. Ever heard of beta testers Eufy? What did you do???

Both cams are clearly alive and awake… and set where I left them. They are both recording movement with alarms… they also are triggering from sound ( as they were last set.). Problem? Homebase update. Eufy stupidity.??


Really!?!? Just me? Maybe they are targeting me because I tell the truth on these forums. (That would be fun actually) Please please please stop auto updates. You are killing a really good thing.

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How did your indoor cams (not linked to the homebase) go offline after an update?
Looks like it’s in the app. Have you tried restarting the app, logout-login?

It looks like it’s just me? I give. Think I will throw it all in the trash. Thanks for the reply.