One Homebase2 with 9 Cameras?

Hi. I’ve recently bought 4 Eufycam2 Pros, 4 Eufycam2C’s and the 2K Battery Doorbell. I’d like to have automations between them so I’m thinking of putting them on one Homebase2. Can anyone tell me if this is doable and how long on average I may record footage with the internal 16GB storage? Thanks.

It is doable. I currently have 12 cameras, a doorbell, 6 sensors, and 2 keypads on one homebase2. Works fine. Positioning is critical so that you get good signal to all devices. Take your time and get it right.

Storage depends on how active your devices are and how long you leave clips on the homebase. I make it a habit to review all my events at least once a week, but most times every 3-4 days. I delete all the junk I don’t care about and download anything I want to keep. I usually have about 11-12 GB left on the homebase. As long as I keep this up, I won’t ever run out of storage.

Also, Eufy automatically deletes any clips older than 90 days. This was done several months a go to comply with EU data regulations, but they did it globally without telling anyone. That’s when I decided that I would actively manage all my clips every week so I didn’t lose anything.


Thanks for the explanation. I read on other queries that people are getting problems if they pair more than 5 cameras on one Homebase and got a bit worried. Thanks

The only negative I have noticed as I increased the number of cams above 7-8 is it takes another second or 2 to bring up a live view of the camera. Notifications don’t seem to be impacted. Most of my Live views took 3 seconds before and now it takes 5 seconds. Some of that could be due to the fact that I have swapped out older cams for the 2k Pro series and the video clip size is larger.

I did have 14 cams on for a while and that still worked, but consolidated 2 cams that were just giving different view of the same area.

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