One Button Mode Switch - Group Cameras

I just received my first two indoor cameras and found out that I have to go into every single camera one by one of I want to change the mode when I leave the house or come back.

It would make more sense to be able to create and customize a button and select cameras that need to respond. In that way, when I leave home or come back, I simply push one button and turn them all on or off.

This missing part is currently one of the reasons I’m holding back from buying more devices. I don’t want to invest in 10 cameras (as example) and every time I leave the house I have to spend 7 minutes to arm them all.

Hope that makes sense.


In the Eufy App under Security and Modes do you have the option customize, there you should be able to configure how you what your cameras to behave and then save it as a custom mode.

I have the outdoor cameras and I used the above to create custom modes for my cameras

In my app there is no Security / Modes. There is only Security / Devices which lists all the cameras. The mode settings show only when you click on one camera so all the custom mode settings are specific to the camera only. There is no global mode in my latest iOS version.

I’m wondering if its down to you not having the homebase so you only see Devices only

Where I have the homebase and see Mode and Automation for the outside cameras

That could be probably one reason but there shouldn’t be a reason to hide that option from owners of the new indoor camera. I really hope they update the app and give us the option. I already moved over to not using them since it’s too much work to turn them all on and off one by one each time you come home or leave. Not worth if I stock up on 10+ cameras. Will see if there is a change within the return window.


Same issue here. If I can’t group the Pan-and-Tilt cameras (3, currently), I can’t use them. Also lacking is the ability to actually integrate the indoor cameras with anything other than the eufy alarm system so that systems can be automated.

Could really use IFTTT or a much better Alexa skill so that the cameras arm when I tell Alexa “we’re leaving” and our Ring security system goes into Guard mode.

As it stands now, these cameras are going back and I’m cancelling my order for the four outdoor cameras if they also can’t be grouped.


I would also like to see the problem solved.

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Add me to the list. This is needed!

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Same for me here…just bought 5 outdoor cam and need to arm them manually?
hope there will be a solution asap.


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Which outdoor cam? Floodlight? Then yes. Eufycam? Then no.

Want to buy more… but cannot until this feature is released

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yes, the floodlight.

or is there even a possibility to connect every floodlight with Alexa to handle them within scenarios?
would be helpful as well.


This feature is sorely missed. Having to go through multiple cameras one-by-one is crazy.

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I believe we are here searching a way to group all indoor cameras together, in order to arm them all by just one click. Right now, each indoor camera works independently.


Is there any update on this from eufy? I bought 2 cams and finding it hard turning security modes one by one.

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Absolutely agree. Wyze have had this feature since the beginning and its a MUST, not a want. I have just purchased 3 indoor cameras and the Security kit. I have to go into each camera seperately every time I leave and come home. This should be very easy for Eufy to add to the system please!

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YES! this is a big need.

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I was able to setup something very close by activating GeoFencing (under Security) mode (instead of Home or Away) on each indoor pan&tilt camera. That mode detects when your phone (or a list of phones) is home or away and automatically switches modes.

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I just unboxed my indoor pan tilt 2k camera and noticed that it has its own home and away modes. I’m very disappointed that this camera cannot be integrated into the security system.

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