On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with your eufy Security experience?

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1 being very dissatisfied
10 being very satisfied

How satisfied are you with your eufy Security experience?

Feel free to add details in your comment.


I picked 5 for a few reason. Also I will go back and change by vote if things improve.

First off I like my Eufy Security system and haven’t had many issues with it. Eufy customer support has been somewhat helpful when I need it.

The problems come in here:

  1. Eufy had a massive server issue and really didn’t say a whole lot. They didn’t warn us they were preforming “maintenance” on the servers leading everyone to think there internet was out. They took a really long time to notify everyone for the first time and it was only after hours of complaints on this forum. Eufy needs to be much better at communication.

  2. Users have been asking for IFTTT for a long time and it’s still not here.

  3. US as well as many other countries are still waiting on 2 Factor Authentication.

  4. Scheduling still doesn’t work with Geofencing and Geofencing is still in beta.

If Eufy would add/fix these things it would be 10 stars from me.


I will add to the above points that they continue to add products will little software updates.

All products are not integrated together like the floodlight does not connect to the homebase.

I rated a 4. Cameras are good quality and should have been what they focused on. SmartThings integration, servers, homebase integration, 2 Factor, adding products with no software upgrades. 5 marks down and 1 more for Eufy not listening to their customers at all.


Eufy needs to have 2 factor authentication in the USA. They have it in other places in the world and no reason they cant turn it on for us here state side. Check this out


Wow you guys are a bit harsh. Coming from ring and arlo products I was glad to get away from those. Video quality and app quality is far better than those two. Along with affordability, local storage and no fees. It’s way beyond what I had. Even against my wyze which it’s not that big of a price difference. The video quality is alone is well worth the small price difference.


I only have one issue with Eufy App, The App has “time out” which disable it self after 10 hours exactly after observing it for a week… I have a dedicated iPad on the wall and wants the App to work 24/7 like my other cameras from Reolink! Hope a fix soon!
2FA was a huge issue for me, but with Homekit integration plus Secure Video from Apple, I definitely feel safe! Apple needs a lot of coming update though to fix the video quality, but I totally understand its still ios14 and it’s beta!
7 out of 10

Well they can get in your eufy camera with the eufy web portal with just a simple password and control your cameras from the web portal so its not safe 2 F A is a must no exceptions.



We are absolutely not being harsh. Eufy need listen to their customers. Any good security company should have 2 Factor Authentication. Even Wyze has it. Why would you not have IFTTT? I mean it’s not that hard. At one point Eufy even bad is printed on their boxes advertising IFTTT support. They have had server issues and had terrible communication.

I like the Eufy Security system. I haven’t had any issues with it. But they need more software updates!!


4, and here is why.

1: About 40% of the time cameras will just flat out ignore known entities in camera range. After a recent patch this is now 70%. People approaching my property will either be ignored entirely or considered a “false alert ignored by AI”. If known people with no malicious intent and no attempt at evading surveillance are escaping notice that easily anyone who’d actually want the system for will make a complete joke of it. My own testing has already shown merely walking at a standard pace will get you in and out of the recorded area before the thing even has a clue someone is there. Meanwhile I could watch a pussy(cat) lick itself if I were interested in that because random cats will loiter in front of the camera. Just alert on everything and let me decide if it’s a problem or not and for those more concerned about charging the battery 2 times a year instead of 1 let them turn off this strict reporting and do things the old way.

2: Anti theft detection is a complete joke. You can disconnect the camera and dance about with it and as long as the camera does not sharply tilt it won’t do a thing. Meanwhile drilling anywhere near it will instantly make it never turn off, so much so you become concerned that some Karen is gonna call the police thinking you’re breaking in your own house!

3: Extremely limited range, which is also a part of the first point along with not noticing movement that is either approaching or moving away so well. This is more a problem of motion detection cameras in general and is not brand specific, even so it will detect a car from hundreds of feet away if the road is in an activity zone so why not a car or a person entering my yard or driveway?

4: Complete lack of a Windows app despite several announcements and deadlines that have passed. Competitors have this, I shouldn’t need an emulator so I can view my camera footage on a screen fit for a human and then, even if it records video you can’t download it so say… putting it through video enhancement in case there’s some hazy detail you need is not possible. Which connects nicely with…

5: Getting around these problems practically requires a NAS. At that point camera systems work the way you might expect - give a day and a time and I can review what happened then. I’m not averse, and already have the right equipment for that for the most part but it just seems I am digging deeper as a means of getting out of a hole. Solving one problem creates another. Speaking of…?

6: That battery life which seems the highest priority (instead of I dunno, your life)? Yeah, it’s based on the assumption the camera only records for 5 minutes a day. Go ahead and math it out, that means that “1 year” battery life becomes a little over 30 hours if the camera is running continuously in a NAS. In other words you need solar panels so this doesn’t require more micromanaging than any other option including physically guarding your property in shifts would. And solar panels are something the competitors have and that should work well enough here but there’s no official first or third party options. You’re stuck improvising and guessing.

I’ll give it some credit, it doesn’t false flag on leaves or shadows or else it would never quit recording and it does sometimes do what I actually want but for over 556 dollars I can think of about 556 things that would more effectively serve as a deterrent.


We are harsh because Eufy has completely ignored their users. They keep pushing products and ignoring the requests. The issues stem from Months and Months of asking.


Years actually. Ifttt was promised to be “coming soon” per the 2018 kickstarter. But who’s counting?


Spent some $700AUD on a recommendation for 2 cameras and an original Homebase. The setup worked well, had 3 months battery life on average and quality was pretty good. While sensitivity had to be cranked up and a lot of false positives occurred, it was quite usable. Notify on people but still record things of interest. Caught a few people snooping around outside looking in cars and what not.

Fast track to a 2 day window where the camera would not allow a login at all, lack of desktop application or way to view footage on a PC and that makes the product much less useful. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and my cameras stopped recording virtually anything. I post here - nothing. I send a support ticket - generic we are sorry and we are fixing it. I ask for an update - nothing. I escalate the ticket, some days later a manager reaches out saying how great their AI is. If it were good, I wouldn’t be complaining about my battery life dropping to 3 weeks and sweet bugger all recorded. At night literally nothing is captured.

As a result of the lack of support, I cannot in all good consciousness recommend anything above a 1. This is a security product and we put out trust into these things to protect our assets. When a company can literally screw with your setup because they think they have a good idea and no way to opt out, then I cannot under any circumstances recommend them for doing the rudimentary task of capturing footage for review.

While these are out of warranty, I will be investigating options to return these products or get our ACCC involved. Totally unacceptable.


They’ve lost 1 point per day from me since I initially posted this.

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I have homebase 2, 3 eufy cam 2c cameras, 1 2k pan and tilt camera and door sensor.

I’m pretty happy with the system doesnt really cause me any issues battery life on 2c’s has lasted so far 140 days on 1 charge the app is ok for my needs.

Yes they could fix 1 of the bugs I have which is the alexa skill notifications for door sensor would also like to see the activity zones changed on 2c’s so they match the version on the pan and tilt rather than just squares

Completely dishonest on the “no cloud” vs local storage. Extremely misleading, if not fraudulent.
It does require the internet, for whatever reason, so it isn’t “standalone”.


I rated it 5 due to the fact that as soon as it gets dark it picks up every single car that goes past, resulting in constant notifications. I have set activity zones and they do not work at night.

Even with “human only” detection set it states that “all motion will be recorded and pushed at night time”. WHY CAN’T IT JUST RECORD WHEN SOMETHING ENTERS MY ACTIVITY ZONE AT NIGHT, INSTEAD OF CAPTURING EVERY VEHICLE THAT GOES PAST! DRIVING ME MAD!!

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Extremely disappointed to find out the web portal is showing what is on my cameras. I do not have a cloud account nor do I want one. I thought the reason for having local storage was for privacy. If the system gets hacked my cameras and my house can be seen. If I can’t find a way to prevent this, these camera will be going into the garbage.

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There is no way to prevent this unfortunately! It seams with all of there spam in the app as well as information being sent back to China that the privacy is just words from eufy.

They say you have privacy and can store your data locally. Yet you must log onto their server in order to view your camera output. Then they tell me there is no way to block my camera output from showing up on their server. What a deception. I bought this doorbell in order to keep my data totally private and off of the internet.

Very, very disappointed. I will be exploring other options. In a country where we supposedly have a right to privacy, it is nearly impossible to exercise such a right.


It really depends on what day it is, lol. I believe Eufy really needs to focus on a few things and get them right BRFORE they expand their product line. First, would be their app…because it seems every time they update it to fix an issue, they create a new problem. Next would be there updates on their products (cameras and homebases). Same issue with these at times.

I really feel Eufy offers a unique place in the home security market. However, they need to be great at a few things, first. Not just good in several areas.

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