OG Eufycam Updates

Just noticed that one of my Eufycams (warranty replacement) is still on System Version 1.7.1 and the other 8 cameras are on 1.9.3. Are the original Eufycams still receiving firmware updates? Looks like my last update was 7/31/2019 but when I check for camera firmware it says it’s up to date even though it isn’t. Strange.

Contact support@eufylife.com and they will get the new firmware pushed just provide a serial # to HomeBase and Camera I believe hope this helps you out… Be safe out there.:v:t3:

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Got all my OG Eufycams and Eufycam E’s updated to firmware 1.9.3, but is that the latest? No updates for these cams since July 2019? Weird. Has to be something that could’ve been updated. :crazy_face: