OFFICIAL eufyCam Protective Cases Are Out Now!

Hey, eufy Security fans!

Taken a look at Amazon lately?

Well, if you haven’t, fans of eufyCam might not know that we’ve just released a host of protective cases and skins for eufyCam 1, 2, and 2C.

That’s right! You can now further protect your already robust and hardy eufyCam against everything Mother Earth has to throw at it.

Constructed from durable yet flexible silicone, these cases provide a snug and secure fit without interfering with your camera’s operation. They can be installed in a matter of seconds, and once outfitted on your eufyCam, they’ll help defend it against harmful UV rays and rainfall.

But wait, there’s more!

The skins will also help blend your eufyCam into the surrounding environment, keeping them hidden from uninvited guests.

Make sure you grab yours on Amazon! And remember, these are the ONLY official eufy Security eufyCam skins.
Amazon Link:

Until next time, eufy fans!


hi, do you have a date for this skins in europe ? and mainly in France


usually 1-2 months later than U.S

Well. Here in Spain also waiting a couple of months then…

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What about EufyCam e? I’ve got to say I’m a bit concerned about the proliferation of different hubs and cameras and how long they’ll be around and supported.


Shame no visor or hood, but maybe on a v2…

Hi, I’m new to eufy. I have recently purchased the eufycam2c and I’ve run into an issue after 2 days use. When it rains the lense is completely obscured by rain droplets rendering the camera unusable! This is a serious security issue. These new protective skins while they look good are completely useless against rain. This is a huge design fault by eufy and eufy should rectify this free of charge with an add on shroud or equivalent to all customers that request it. I am now considering sending this item back for a refund.

Really need EU availability

Just a quick question,

You guys made a post about antennas for cameras here:

If you plan to offer antennas for cameras is there going to be a protective cases that incorporates the antennas or is this a non antennas only accessory?

Looking forward to seeing these available in Europe. Will Eufy decide to sell these directly as well?