Notifications talking anywhere from 2 minutes to 5

Notifications taking to long to notify. I have it on the quickest option to send. By the time it goes off, activity could already be over. Any way to improve?

Most notification issues occur on the phone end. Make sure that the phone doesn’t put the Eufy app to sleep once it stays in the background for a while. This is the usual culprit. Set a Power Saving Exception or add it to the list of non-sleepable apps. Unfortunately, Eufy did not program their apps correctly to use the OS power saving features. This results in either high battery usage or delayed notifications. I have found the best solution is to shutdown the app manually before I go to bed. Notifications will still wake the phone, but you won’t get the excessive battery drain of having the app talk back and forth all night. All my notifications take right around 3 seconds from time of detection to alarm on the phone. YMMV.

Depuis la dernière mise à jour plus rien ne fonctionne !