Notifications stopped

My Eufy 2C cameras stopped sending notifications beginning yesterday. I can see the video recording but am no longer receiving notifications

Hey @Jdfeltner!

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For your eufycam 2C, have you set it to Home or Away mode for the device?

Please go to the eufy security app, and click the “Security” page and check the mode you’ve choosed for your eufycam 2C.

Click to get in the setting icon, and see if you have ticked the notification box for your camera devices.

Hope this information helps. If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We’re always ready to help!

Try a reset, it may help

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Same problem for me… just bought the set and one of the cameras only records intermittently. I’ve tried resets, deinstalling app and changing motion detection to record everything but it seems to make no difference on this camera ( my other camera works fine). When I go into test mode , it detected motion though. Any ideas?

Still messed up?

I had a similar issues when I got NO notifications but the camera was recording. Restarting the device from the application fixed this for me.

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Same here. Last week suddenly there are no more notifications on the iPhone even if I trigger the cam. We did not change the setup at all. Events get recorded but there is no notification. Any ideas?

All notifications stopped in June. Worked perfectly before. It is only a month old. I thought it might be an app issue but nothing is recording. All settings are correct and none were changed prior to it stopping. Resetting the device and changing/removing the activity zone did not work. I now have an expensive buzzer as the security features don’t work.

Having this issue, no notifications sent unless i restart the hub, works for a bit then stops working. guess i will try a complete reset back to factory settings. strange this just started happening for no apparent reason at all

I did not get any notifications on my Samsung S8, however on my IPad. De-installed Clean Master app and it works now. Took me hours and hours…

I had the same issue and posted this as a possible solution a while back :wink:

Hi guys if you read through the posts you’ll see this is an old problem at best restarting your doorbell and base sometimes helps but it appears the last update has n
Knocked out all notifications for a lot of users…so eufy it’s time to get your act together