‘Notifications On iPhone IOS 14.1

/ 1 -I am not receiving notifications on my iPhone 11. I receive them on my iPad WiFi only .my iPhone shows the videos if I go in to the app.just not getting any notifications on phone for the last 3 to 4 days. Please help!

Might be silly but have you enabled the Eufy app in Notifications on your phone. ?

I have same problem not long ago, first I thought it was my iPhone’s problem so I got a new phone but still have same problem, I have 3 devices but only one device have this problem, either no notifications or delayed, I try to delete the app and reinstall it but nothing works, so I compared all my devices settings, everything is same except local network is on on my iPhone (the one not getting notifications or delay), so I turned it off and the problem is solved, it works great since, hopefully this will help you