Notifications on Apple Watch

I used to get notifications on my Apple Watch for the Eufy Security App all the time, but ever since I updated to iOS 14 (now iOS 14.01) they’re gone. I done see the App on my list on the Apple Watch section. Has it not been updated to work with the new Apple watchOS 7.0.1? Has anyone noticed this or is it just me?


Apple Watch only supports notifications from the app, the app is not installed on the watch, may need to check settings, works fine for me on.

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Same here, my Apple Watch Eufy security notifications working fine on iOS 14 / watchOS 7.

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Thank you for the replies. I’ll check the settings as mentioned.

Update: I found out that the banner notification in the settings of the Eufy App has to be on for the watch notification thumbnail to show on the watch. All is well and thanks for the help.

Hi! How do find on your notifications settings that the apple watch thumbnail is on?