Notifications - customisable?

Hi - new user here.

Is there any way to mute notifications during daylight hours but have them enabled through the night. Kids will play in the garden during the day and inevitably create hundreds of notifications.
Thanks in advance

Thats what the snooze button is for. Any camera with detection turned on will allow you to snooze the camera for a adjustable period of time. Notifications will turn off but events will still be recorded. The snooze button appears in the camera frame, just above the video and shows a "Z " for snooze.

If that doesn’t do what you want, create a custom mode and turn off whatever you want for each camera. When the kids go out to play, just switch to that mode. Modes are set and created in the Security tabat the bottom of the app page.

I have a custom mode set up for all cameras and detectors in my back yard. When I go out, I just switch to that mode with either my phone or keypad and then switch back when I am done.

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