Notifications and recording stopped


All notifications stopped in June. Worked perfectly before. It is only a month old. I thought it might be an app issue but nothing is recording. All settings are correct and none were changed prior to it stopping. Resetting the device and changing/removing the activity zone did not work. I now have an expensive buzzer as the security features don’t work. Extremely unhappy.

Have you looked at the Security tab? Both the recording and push notifications can be turned off for multiple modes. If the system got changed to a different mode, where the those settings were not selected. That could cause the symptoms you are seeing.

Also, it helps if you include what hardware you are using as capabilities and connections are not all the same through Eufy equipment.

Mine has just done exactly the same. Whatever I do it will not notify me or record events.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

I had same problem , but when I restarted the Home base, now it’s working good . So go to my device , choose Home base then restart .

I purchased the 4 cameras and the home base on the 23rd of August, installed on the 24th August. During setup I received one motion notification. I did the firmware update and mounted all cameras, updating each camera. Since then I have not received a single notification or recording. All settings are correct with notifications enabled for the app on my phone.

I changed one of the cameras to detect all motions, it sent me a notification and recorded, the alarm also sounded. I switched it back to human detection and walked through it, again receiving no notifications and no recording. Why am I getting notifications and recordings for motion but not for human detection? I have turned the home base off/on each individual camera off/on all things that I have read to try but nothing works. All I have is some pretty looking cameras that serve no function as they don’t record and I get no notifications. I will be taking these back to place of purchase for a refund.

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