Notification sounds while in silent


I have Samsung with Android 11 and I’m using galaxy watch.

I set to silent notifications while wearing my watch which is common sense. But the issue is when someone is ringing my doorbell it will be muted due to phone being silent.

Is there any way make that particular notification sounds while phone is silent?

It would be really helpful as I don’t want to miss post man or anyone who actually ringing the bell.

Thanks :blush:

I don’t know exactly how this works on Samsung, but perhaps you can change the notification settings for the eufy app.
You can at least easily make the notifications ignore the DnD settings, but for the silent mode I’m not sure.

Yeah I done that already but still no sound when phone is on silent. Even the app notifications are all on. Hope there will be a solution to this.

Well it’s more something related to the device, not really anything eufy can help.
Their notifications adhere your sound / vibration settings. You gotta find the solution in your device, not eufy.

I have the same issue, happens only with eufy security app. Support confirmed that with iOS, watchos they mirror the phone sound/notification settings to the watch. This is the case here as well, if I enable vibrate on the phone or sound amd vibrate the watch is doing that, and not taking the settings for the watch. I’m still having active support incident with them, as this should not be android issue, rather app issue as not checking the watch sound/notification configuration

I have an iPhone and I always keep my phone on silent. I want to have audible alerts when my doorbell rings too, overriding my silent settings.