Notification Sound Stopped

All of a sudden, I stopped getting the sound with detection notifications. I didn’t change anything, I still get sounds for other events on phone (texts, emails, etc). I have 2C with 3 cams

Yes, same thing with my wireless doorbell, no audio notification sound only visual. Please fix Eufy!

I’m not getting any notifications at all. Kind of defeats the purpose when it’s the dog notifying me that someone’s at the door

Same with mine as well - no notification sounds. I was receiving notification sounds prior to the latest app update.

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Mine is doing the same. Anyone find a fix yet?

Still not working. Fine on my wife’s phone, no good on mine. This happened after last update. I made zero other changes, WTF? Today I deleted badge data, no change. This is useless to me without the sounds

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UPDATE: I found my problem. Under each device, go to Notification/Sound and select Default or a specific sound. I believe default just lets the system decide. For some reason on my app, nothing was selected for sound, and this was not a change i made. I believe this happened on the last update.

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I still have same problem even set the the sound.

Same here. After the app update i do not receive sound notification on my phone

So I’ve had this , notification stopped but still had recordings ! I went to devices selected the main hub thingy,audio settings, changed notification volume and also the alarm volume ,and magically I have notification s back !

Eufy needs to fix the notification sound issue.