Notification is very short like sms notification

Please help notifications I am getting is very short like a sms notification. Is there any way we can change it into long bell or siren. Thank you

Early last year, the notification used to be a long buzzing(android) alert. But they then changed it to regular. Wish they would bring back as option, it was awesome and impossible to misd

Someone else mentioned…. [quote=“der395, post:4, topic:834381”]
you can only choose the sound the notification makes

Can you please tell me if the selection of tones… are existing tones on your phone? Or does the app itself offer specific tones to choose from?

I’m in research mode to see if this product does what I need it to. I mucked around for ages tonight and have created a specific tone and imported it to my iPhone ringtone ‘alert list’ and before I purchase this product I need to know if I can actually use it.

(My ringtone i created is a siren sound of 12 seconds… loud and long enough to wake me at night) - my child escapes his bedroom and house. :frowning: thanks