Hello community :wave:, I just made my first purchase into Eufy’s security cameras so am new to this page. I see the auctions and have no idea where the notes come from, or how you earn them. I have tried to search for information on google but had no luck on there either! I would love to participate and hopefully be able to win free products. Thank you in advance for the help!

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It’s not really clear as to how to earn them. The Soundcore and Anker community show how to earn them and their uses though

I actually think i found exactly how to do it in the menu. Let me try to find it again and ill post how to find the page!

If you click your username in the top right corner, then click settings. Where it says preferences with the setting icon, click that and then you will see Notes/points. It gives a breakdown for how to earn them. (I tried to just share a screenshot, but have no idea how to. This is also steps for on an android, idk about ios)

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