Not working when most needed

Did not record thieves steeling $30,000 worth of inventory even though cameras were charged and positioned only 10 feet away from entry point and others places within ten feet of inventory. Can not in good faith recommend this junk unreliable product to anyone for any level of security monitoring. Garbage and more than disgusted with quality and dependability of this product!!

Ouch!!! Sorry this happened. I use a schedule and I regularly have cameras that don’t wake up on a schedule change… but never a total fail. Would love to see your status logs for that day. I still have a very old wired camera system that I want to retire. Just yesterday I had a package at my door with NO alerts or recordings. Fired up the old girl and UPS truck clear as a bell. Retirement will wait.


Can you please describe what type of camera setup you have or if you are comfortable showing pictures of the camera views?
When you walk by these cameras do they pick you up every time or is it hit or miss? Does it pick up movement day or night?

LOL, I soooooo want to dig into this as well. Oh boy

Ours is a hit and miss too but only for human detection. Gets every car that drives by at night even when on only person detection. We got these cameras because our cars were broken into. If it can’t catch people it’s not worth my money and I’m going to have to return them and switch to something else.