Not receiving notifications since update

Hello, since 10/30/2020 update my huawei has stopped receiving notifications. The events are correctly recorded but I don’t have any push notification when a detection is detected.
Has anyone the same issue?
Thank you.

Yes I have exact same issue. Android 10, Sony Xperia 1II.

I thought I was alone, I’ve noticed the same thing. Huawei P30 Pro.

Did you guys check whether the app is allowed to run in the background and has no battery optimization?

The phone is correctly configured. In fact, I’ve installed the app in other Huawei (different model) and it’s working as usual. The problem has started just after the last app update. I You can see in the forum that there are some other phones or doorbells with the same issue.

Have you logged out of the app and logged in again? For another recent topic this was ultimately the solution.

I re-installed the app and notifications are back.


I first logged out and then re-installed the app, but nothing different. Also reseted the home base.

Mate 30 here. Do you have solution now?

Please check this topic:

The major probem is the googles firebase pushing message service. I believe that you sideload the gsf by some way and the gsm is the major cause of loss of notification.

You have chosen in two, keep play store or push notification. I have successfully gotten notification by the way discribed in the topic. Hope work for you!

Thank you, that works fine

Same issue occurring for me on Samsung Note 10+. Notification are correctly turned on in the app - and Eufy’s app is correctly set up within Android to allow notification. Camera record events properly - I just never receive notifications. This is occurring for all 3 cameras I have. Double and tripple checked all notification settings are in fact on.

I am having the same issue on Android. Either no push notifications or sometimes very late notifications (5 to 20 minutes). Reset doorbell and works for about 2-3 hours normally but then stops notifications

Once i clear the notifications received I’ll receive new alerts but for a few hours then it stops until i clear again.

Yes same issue here not receiving I have tried everything from deleting app reset the lot . But my wife is still receiving notifications and we are both iPhones

Mate XS and I have the problem as well.

Same problem here with same p30 pro but I solve the problem
1- open apps from settings
2-apps launch
3- eufy to select on manual not automatic