Not my cameras appearing in the app

I just logged into my cameras, and they were not mine. I had full control and could use inter comm and all. Wtf!

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That’s OK, someone else has access & control over your cameras too, serious security breach happening right now, get rid of any cameras I side NOW!

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Exactly what I did. Disconnected everything. This isn’t good as I use them as a video intercoms.

Same here. My cameras weren’t on my app and I had access to someone’s door bell.

Might have been mine, my doorbell disappeared and instead I had access to someone else’s cameras in USA somewhere

Anyone see a red Jeep on there’s?

No, someone named Roy’s bedroom and their garage with a Mazda SUV parked in it. Everyone seems to have had access to different cameras.

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Havr a boat and a Nissan in the garage, Time zone said 17/5 0230 and it’s 1930 locally 17/5 Australia sydney time.

I’m in Australia, the cameras I could see were in eastern USA according to time zone. Plus car was left hand drive

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Ah I could tell l or red. Few big utes so maybe the states