Not getting Notification for my door bell

Need help I have all my notifications on. All permission is on. Background apps are set to run all time and I am still not getting Notification when someone walks up to my door if the app is close. I am using a note 10 and it’s having issues but my wife’s iPhone is working properly. Any tips on fixing this issue for Samsung note 10.

I’m having same issue. I’ve followed the instructions to allow notifications but I still don’t receive any notifications. I’m using Samsung S9+

I think I may have found the correct fix. For the longest time I could not get notifications on my phone S21 Ultra for all my cams and even the doorbell motion and doorbell ring. I have notifications turn on and still nothing until I looked at another android phone that had access to my camera system. In notifications settings there is suppose to be a third toggle for doorbell ring. If you only see a toggle for motion and app icon badges you’ll need to remove the doorbell completely from your homebase and sync it up again. Then go back and check if you have the third toggle in app notifications setting for eufysecurity. Once you do all push notifications should come through again. For me I went months without notifications deleting the app and re installing, doing all those optimization battery stuff the instructions tells you, repairing homebase and formatting it. I was just going to live with it till I got fed up and actually looked at another android phone. Can’t believe I never thought of it. It fixed it for me I don’t know how long it will last but it could be that the system glitched or whatever during a firmware update. My phone seemed to think there was no doorbell ring and in that it resulted in all camera not sending push notifications correctly even when someone push the doorbell there was nothing. It’ll send when it wants to and not send it at all even though I’m standing right in front of it.

It’s been working 100% hope this help.