Not connected to the server app

I have 2 pan&tilt indoor 2K cameras, and till 2 days ago everything was working great.
Now the cameras are going offline and can’t connect to the internet.
Also i get the message that they can’t connect to the app-server.

I am not tech-savvy and don’t understand anything about it :frowning:

When i go to wifi connection en re-connect the cameras by pushing 2sec on the button fo the cameras, they are then connected again.

The worst thing that I cant solve is when I leave home, for work, I cant see anything anymore on my phone on the security app… I can’t connect the cameras, because they can’t connect to the internet and also can not connect to the server app …So the cameras are useless like that offcorse :frowning: I’ve already tried a lot, but nothing works :frowning:

Can anyone help me?

Grtz, Siegfried