Noobie - Can I trigger other devices from Eufy Cam events?

HI I am new to the Eufy Ecosytem, but have to say that I have found this these battery powered cams a good solution for my home (multiview would be a great addition if possible).

What I want to be able to do is integrate this cameras a little deeper into my smart home setup.

Currently I have 4 Eufy 2 cams, and 2 Eufy 2C cams + a homebase, as well as various alexa enabled devices, samsung smarthings, phillips hue etc etc etc.

Is it possible to do the following.

1.) Trigger an alexa or other smart event when a camera detects motion . For instance if my patio came detects human motion at 3 am it would be good to be able to switch on all the garden lights?

2.) How can you/is it possible to set all cameras to record if one camera detects motion?

Hey Ryan,
Although I have no Alexa or any other smart home devices, I have not heard this is possible easily (or at all).

As for the second question: this is possible through Automation.
You can create a trigger and select ‘Motion detected’ for one cam, then add the cameras you want to record as well.

Many thanks for the reply, this may well have saved me several hours of fruitless attempts.

Re the 2nd point triggering through automation, before I delve in to this, where can I find the automation options, is it possible to set a time schedule that for this (i.e between 11pm and 6am for for example)?

On the main page of the app, at the bottom, press the ‘Security’ button, it will bring you to the security modes page. At the top right of the screen, there is a tab called ‘Automation’, there you will find the triggers.
At this point, the automation is very limited. It’s either on or off, no integrations with security modes or anything. If the automation is there, it’s alway active.

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If your Eufycam’s are connected to Apple HomeKit, you can utilise the motion to activate to turn on and off Philip Hue lights for a set time period of time. I have various Google Hub’s and Amazon Echo Show 8’s, Dots, which unfortunately do not offer this functionality. You can only view your cameras.

I made a trigger in IFTTT that turns on the light via my smartlife app.
But it uses my phone…

In IFTTT make an Android notification trigger from Eufy security (word : person) that triggers your light.