No warranty cover!

I bought eight cameras at a cost of around $2,000 AU less than two months back. Two of these have faulty batteries, they discharge in 28 days in an area with no detected movement.
On an attempt to recharge one after 48 hours is still only 80%, the other supposedly charged in under two hours, not possible.
I contacted Anker who refused to honour the warranty saying contact the seller (Aliexpress} when they would not respond Anker said to contact the manufacturer in Australia which of course there is none.
I now have two useless unusable cameras that cost $500.
A warning, Anker will NOT honour warranties.

I had issues with cameras purchased from Officeworks. I contacted Directed Electronics, see below. I supplied proof of purchase, sent back the faulty camera and they send out a new one to me at there cost. I have also purchased some 2 Pro 2K cameras from AliExpress as they are not available in Australia, hope I don’t have any issues with them! Hope this helps!

Directed Electronics Australia
Phone: [(03) 8331 4800](tel:(03) 8331 4800)
International: [+61 3 8331 4800](tel:+61 3 8331 4800)
Fax: [(03) 8331 4850](tel:(03) 8331 4850)
Mailing Address
115-119 Link Rd, Melbourne Airport Victoria, Australia, 3045

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