No video doorbell options?

I’d really like to get rid of the ring video doorbell that I have and go all in with your products instead but for some reason (after having such beautiful white cameras I’ve been able to switch to because that is the motif of my house trim etc. ) your video doorbell only comes in black?? And you don’t even have a skin for it? Do you know how many homeowners you are turning away? All those potential customers just because you only have one color option?! Lol
Do you have any idea how many different paint schemes and an accessory etc might be outside of a at home? Many where funeral black does not match anything?? you are literally turning away at least half or 2/3 of your potential business because you just have one color. I don’t get it all! Horrible strategy for a great product!!

My current doorbell is white so in order for me to replace it means that I’m going to make my house look ugly from the curb appeal side of things! Which is not a good look and so I just won’t Be able to do it unfortunately why is it that you guys do not offer an option in white or silver at a minimum? Even so much as a cheap silicone or vinyl skin sounds super lazy and really I’m just very frustrated I can’t use the doorbell because of this stupid little color thing ;(