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No notification sound after one day. So on day one all systems work fine including notifications but on day two no audible notifications. Videos work fine. I loaded Eufy on my partners samsung phone & same problem. I dont get a blue light on the base unit (hadn’t worked for months). Could this issue be with the base unit? Could upgrading to the latest base unit (380. Home base )
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Its not a Homebase issue if the livestream works. Blue light failing on Homebase is known issue related to dual color LED used. It doesn’t affect Homebase function. Are you missing the notification sound and/or the audio from the camera? Not clear from your description.

Check your camera and Homebase to see if they have been updated recently. Could be software update from Eufy changed notification settings. Unfortunately, updates from Eufy often break existing functionality. It might be as simple as checking the phone and app settings and restoring the correct config.

Hello from a very frustrated operator of the Eufy Security System.

Thank you heaps for taking time to write to me about this problem.

As I said in the original post, I have loaded the Eufy app on two Samsung phones (A52 & A54). The A52 being about 18 months old and the A54 about 2 months old.

I have updated the A54 with the latest updates but, apparently a version 6 is also on its way for Android phones.

The video recordings work fine (on both phones) but we are getting no sound notifications .

Apart from this very annoying problem I love the system.

I did unplug the Lan cable from the base unit to the router tonight, then reconnected it, and it started up fine with the red LED light going out.

I have even uninstalled, then reloaded and logged into the Eufy app, but the fault still occurred.

I have also restarted the A54 (my phone) which fixed the notification sound for about 1 day before stopping (same with the A52).

After this, both phones videoed movements with sound but we had no sound notifications from the phones indicating that a person had been detected and recorded.

I have gone into many settings on the phone including putting Eufy app on the ‘NEVER SLEEP’ (which is like UNMONITORED APPS) setting & not selecting . Plus Allow EufySecurity to enable notifications.

Attached above is a screenshot of my Eufy app settings and the software version for my Samsung A54, as I said above a version 6 has now been released and is being introduced slowly to all Android uses here in New Zealand. Perhaps this could be a fix?

I can go back to the tech chap at the store tomorrow (who is very helpful) to see if he can identify any other issue/s.

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You might look at the Notification setting on the phone. On Android 12 and 13, there is more than one place to get to Notification settings. You can go in through the Settings | Apps | Eufy | Notifications | Other | Eufy Motion to see the individual settings like Silent and which sound you hear for notification.

There is also a separate Settings | Notifications category that has some settings which are the same in Android 13, but have a couple extra in Android 12.

It definitely sounds like its a phone setting issue rather than a Eufy app issue.


Thank you heaps for your great tech advice.

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I noticed a sudden absence of notification sounds, and intriguingly, the blue light on my base unit hasn’t been operational for months. This perplexing issue persists even after trying to troubleshoot by checking settings, ensuring internet connectivity, and rebooting both the base unit and my smartphone.

Ch do your phone settings for SOUNDS. My husband turned my one camera sound off completely at the Home base 3. Very annoying bc I needed it that day. Anyway. Check that sound on the phone itself it that is what you mean.