No recording or motion detection unless app is running on my phone

My phone seems to like to turn off the app, at least as far as I had it open earlier, looked at it a few times in a short time and it open ready to go, but few hours later it has to start back up. I have my camera pointed at an area with some activity throughout the day, it’s on high sensitivity with the boxes drawn over a good portion. I haven’t really been paying attention but I was thinking about how useful this has been after having it a few weeks and I’m realizing that if there happens activity when I had it open a little bit ago I’ll get a notification and there will be video but if I go all day without looking at it there will be nothing in the app and I know for sure the same kind of activity has taken place more than a few times. This is not very effective if I need to have my phone on with the app on to even get video clips if something happens. I should be able to go back and view later regardless. Is there some setting I don’t have turned on? Also is there some way I can keep the app from shutting off so I’m not wondering if it’s on and constantly having to check it. This app really needs to have something in it to keep it alive or it is useless for relying on it to get notifications.

See this link. Also, make sure you have notifications turned on for the Eufy app.

Also, you should be able to view all your older detections by looking at the Events tab at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks for tips. Was in hospital for a week and except for a few times I checked on it and there was activity, just went back looked, there’s no events. Is the base not able to save anything for too long before it gets to the app? If I set to away or home does that effect anything?
Just checked battery saving and I have it off but also power intense apps has it in there and I have it set to stay on. I just feel like the box does nothing and everything is run on my phone.

The app runs on your phone, but the Eufy system doesn’t need a phone or device to function. It should detect motion, save video and send notifications whether your phone is on or not. The processing takes place in the cameras and the homebase, if you have one.

Sounds like you have some settings set incorrectly. I would call support and see if they can help you. They probably have a script to walk through and check your settings.

Thanks. I might do that. I found an auto start feature on phone maybe that will help on the one part. Going to see if I have home or away set I don’t know why that should matter. I ran through the settings more than a few times but I’ll do it again.

You shouldn’t have to autostart the app. Once its setup and notifications are turned on, the cameras or homebase should send notifications to your device when detections occur and record video automatically when that happens. If the app is asleep or closed, it will still receive notifications. If its not sending notifications or recording video events, then the cameras or homebase aren’t set up correctly. Even if it loses internet for a while, it will still send notifications and show video of events when it regains connection.