No push notifications fix (worked for me)

Hi all,

I had purchased the Eufy Battery Doorbell + Eufycam 2 Pro and Homebase kit recently. Set myself up with no problems and receiving notifications fine. Set my partner up and she was not getting any notifications. Tried all the following several times which did not help (found in various posts and forums) and in no particular order:

  • set up as Guest as well as Admin
  • checked her phone (Samsung Note 8) and all Eufy App/Notifications was enabled/allowed.
  • App Power/sleep saving was not an issue.
  • Uninstalled-reinstalled app, cleared cache/data
  • Signed in/out
  • Restared Homebase, formatted storage
  • All devices firmwares up to date

What I found on her phone was notifications history and it said that Eufy notifications were working (was showing that the last notification was only a few mins old!). What I found and ended up doing was uninstalling Ccleaner app and notifications started coming through. Just to test further, I removed her and re-added as a Guest and notifications kept coming through. So if you think you have tried everything, check for any apps (e.g. Anti Virus or clean up tools) that could have access to possible system settings which could stop Eufy notifications. Hope this helps some of you.