No Pre-Recording on Wired Indoor/Outdoor Cameras when connected to Homebase3. Event clips connected to HB3 are 1:55 seconds. Event Clips separate from HB3 are 1:59 seconds. Identical devices

I’ve noticed after setting up HomeBase3, the cameras listed below that are connected don’t PRE-RECORD event clips. Where as the the same cameras that ARE NOT connected to HomeBase3 do PRE-RECORD.

I have two identical cameras, same firmware. One connected, one NOT connected to HomeBase3.

Event Clips for cameras connected to HomeBase3 = 1:55 minutes
Event Clips for cameras NOT connected to HomeBase3 = 1:59 minutes

Sometimes the event clip will be 3 seconds long as a separate event clip.

Cameras affected

  • S210 Outdoor Cam Pro - T844 - w/firmware 10.6.6
  • Indoor Cam 2k C24 - T8400X - w/firmware
  • Indoor Cam 1080p C22-T8401 - w/firmware
  • S220 Indoor Cam - T8410X - w/firmware

Homebase 3 with firmware 3.9.5
HomeBase3 has physical connection to Router via ETHERNET.
Region: Canada

I have noticed this issue as well. I’ve also noticed that the un viewed event counter doesn’t update either when recording to the homebase 3 on both my outdoor and indoor cam even with 24 hour recording. I can only assume it’s because these cameras aren’t fully integrated with the homebase 3 and still requires a WiFi standalone connection. I am hoping future firmware updates will make them fully compatible to the homebase 3.

Thanks, good to know and for your testing.
This needs to be fixed. Does the Non Pre-Record prior to motion detection happen on both types of media that it records onto the HB3? Internal memory and hard drive.

None of my wired cameras are recording to the HB3…. But the pre recording is gone.

Yes, all the devices connected to HB3 show the no-prerecord event clips. sometimes the clips on both device & hb3 will have an event clip at 0:03, then continue again for 0:07 then continue again for 1:55

I have noticed similar situations as well. Finally was happy that I could connect my wired outdoor cameras to the HB3 so I could store all my videos on it, more space than the micro sd card can hold on the camera. Plus I wanted more security having to store all clips plus 24/7 recordings on the HB3. Well it did not work very well. Like you stated no pre recording, also much shorter clips than usual, sometimes a few seconds, also some weird recording clips that would be an hour long but when you viewed the clips it would be super fast and done in 10 seconds. I kept it connected to HB3 but removed the option to store videos on HB3. Once I removed the option it is back to normal now. After all my testing I have come up to one conclusion, the software on the HB3 when selecting to store video on HB3 is treating the wired camera as a battery camera even though it is not. You see with the battery cameras it does not prerecord and also has much shorter clips. Not happy with this at all. Also all my wired outdoor cameras barely have any audio now, can’t hear much.

Just noticed this issue while setting up/testing my new Floodlight cam pro 2 & homebase 3

Interestingly, it still shows the thumbnail of me running past the camera, but when I play from the HB3 it starts 5-6 seconds into the clip (by which time I’m long gone).

Removing HB3 as the storage location and then viewing the same clip from internal storage DOES then show the first 5-6 seconds.

Looks like the HB3 is getting returned until the integration is fixed properly :frowning:

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Purchased the HB3 now in May 2024 and all the above issues are STILL happening!

Clips are not recording the full 2 mins and the pre-record is missing. Also it downgrades all video to 1080p.

As you correctly pointed out if we turn off the HB3 and then refresh the events list they then show the full 2 mins just fine - so it seems like the recordings to HB3 are missing the pre-record part of the video even now, months later!

Don’t know if it’s even possible if they can fix this??
The pre-recording issue I believe maybe do to the (slowness) of Wi-Fi connection between HB3 and cameras, or the wake up speed of the HB3 to capture the pre-roll, start recording the event onto it.

As where when recording on to SD card or internal memory of the camera itself, there isn’t an extra step it needs to do.

That 1080p issue, I recall if that you go into the video settings and toggle it to 1080p, close the app and go back into video settings and then back to 2K or 4K it will correct itself.