No notifications when people come to door

Hi. Had the battery doorbell for around 3 months now and all of a sudden it has stopped from getting notification of people coming to the front door. I’ve removed doorbell from app and added it back but still nothing can anyone help with this before I phone up!!!


Just bought the 2k doorbell a week ago to “upgrade” my gen1 ring doorbell… Big Mistake! Started off well, but after a few days it’s not picking up anything. Had a huge amazon order of 5 packages that were placed directly under the doorbell, the delivery driver was standing there for over a minute positioning them and taking pictures… This thing didn’t recognize someone literally inches from it! … Guess I will put my 6 year old ring back up and return this crap

I changed to eufy from ring because it keeped disconnecting between each motion I had 2 ring doorbells thinking it was a fault