NO notifications or events at night

I have an Eufy doorbell and two motion floodlight cameras. For a month now, I receive recorded events and notifications throughout the day, then none at night. Once morning comes around I once again receive recorded events and notifications. It’s like my cameras are taking the night off.

At night I can see the lights cutting on due to motion from the neighborhood cats. I have a few cameras, of another brand, that cover the same angle which are recording and sending me alerts. So there is movement.

Trouble shooting: I tried rebooting the cameras. I then tried removing and adding them back. Since this issue coincided with my Do Not Disturb schedule, I thought it may be the cause. Therefore I ensured the Eufy security app had permission to ignore my Do Not Disturb settings.

None of this helped.

Any idea why my cameras are not recording events and not sending notifications at night?

Thank you for contacting Eufy.

In this case, could you please check the “Security” tab page and see if you have set up the camera to the right mode?

Please noted that when you setup the camera mode, you have “Record Video”, “Send Notification”, and “Alarm” features that you can tick the box.

If the issue still persists, please let us know the serial number of your camera device and send an email to

Apologized again for any inconvenience caused. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Hello, I have exactly the same issue. After a certain time (approx betw 21:30 and 22:00 in Milan today) my eufyCams 2C stop to create events and to send notifications. The sensors are working as the cam switches on the IR lens whenever I move in front of the cam but for just 4-6 seconds only. “Do not disturb” has been already removed from smartphone as I was also thinking the problem was linked to it. Nightview is on B&W, remote sensor is at 7 only for humans, power mode is on solar panel >75% and notifications are on complete txt+icon. Pls help as the cams should do their work especially during the night…the morning after everything works fine but I do not receive any (late) events or notifications of what happened during the night.

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